Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling) includes facial massage

A relaxing way to clear excess ear wax and impuritues for your ears as well as a balancing therapeutic treatment.

The ear candle is lit and the opposite end inserted slightly into your ear. The cone shape of the candle acts as a vaccume and draws out impurities and excess wax leaving a light and clear feeling. A very soothing and comforting treatment as well as the clear benefits

Full hour treatment included ear and face massage with lymphatic drainage techniques.£35.00
For ear candle treatment without massage£25.00

Reflexology - Duration 1 hour

REFLEXOLOGY The feet are known to be a map of the body and are massaged and using various techniques. Reflexes are worked on to stimulate the body's natural functions and systems as well as promoting mid relax and clearance. All conditions can be worked on through the feet. People are often amazed at the effects of relexology and its results.

Feet feel refreshed and invigorated and you will have a spring in your step once again.

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