'I'-Lipo' Aftercare Advice Sheet

  • Drink plenty of water at least 2 litres daily,
  • No heavy meals for 2 hours before or after treatment,
  • Avoid tea/coffee/ alcohol/ fizzy drinks for 2 hours before and after each session,
  • No creams/ oils/ lotions on the treatment area on the day of your treatment.
  • Do as much cardiovascular EXERCISE as you can in the 48 hours after each treatment. The more you exercise, the more the released fat cells will be metabolised by the body!

Advice for Weight Loss in General

  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Only eat when you are actually hungry!
  • Avoid or try to reduce your intake of 'junk food'– all these foods are highly addictive, very fattening and of low nutritional value.
  • Avoid eating all processed foods – they all contain chemicals and additives that make you put on weight.
  • Try to make time to eat 3-6 small portions of healthy food a day rather than snacks all day and a large meal in the evening.
  • Eat a balanced diet, include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat all the colours of the rainbow in your weekly meals.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners etc – use real butter, sugar, honey instead.
  • NEVER UNDEREAT – your body will put it all back on once you resume your normal eating habits. In fact, your body will probably put on more weight, believing it needs to 'store' your food for any further times of 'starvation'!
  • Aim for 8 hours sleep every night
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