Hands and Feet

A wise man once said "power and speed be hands and feet". The most common area of the body that troubles our mature clients are hands and feet and yet it is always the first area we always neglect. At Rebel Rouge we have put together an extensive list of treatments to fix and reverse the signs of ageing in these two very important areas. We have only picked the very best, Jessica and Priori treatments, so you can sit back and enjoy some much deserved pampering.

Jessica nail care revolutionized the professional nail industry. We use only Jessica products for all our manicures and pedicures as it is still the original and still is the best system for hands and feet with customized solutions for the nails. Let us pamper you using the Jessica products and become one of the many people including celebrities and socialites that benefit from this range.


Cuticles are tidied and nails are shaped including a heavenly hand and arm massage. We finish with an application of Jessica nail polish.

Luxury Manicure£3545 mins

As in the manicure, including exfoliation and masque .

Pedicure£3045 mins
Luxury Pedicure£4060 mins

Our luxury pedicure station offers you a heated back massage while our therapist carries out the relaxing pedicure. Rebel against rough, dry feet with this amazing treatment. We massage your feet and legs and tidy your cuticles and shape your nails. Or upgrade to our luxury pedicure which includes an exfoliation and a mask. For our pedicure treatments you begin your journey with an exclusive array of personalised foot treatments that will inspire your mind body and soul. A harmonious blend of eastern philosophy of natural botanicals and aromatic essences with western technology that utilizes Papin, an active enzyme that helps to break down rough, dry skin while regenerating new cells for healthy, smooth skin.

Jessica Geleration

Discover a world of everlasting colour with our professional Geleration soak off gel polish. Geleration lasts for more than 3 weeks without chipping, peeling or fading and is easily removed in minutes. This can be done at home or we can remove it for you.

Express manicure£2530-45mins
Removal£1015 mins

Advanced hand and Feet Care by Priori.

Priori.tize your hands and feet, priori.tize the results!

Advanced Hydrating Hand treatment£40 45 mins

The Ideal hydrating remedy for water starved skin. An intensive treatment that leaves the hands hydrated, revitalised and nourished with multi- functional vitamin antioxidants for protection and anti ageing benefits.

Superceutical Age reversal hand treatment£5045 mins

Designed to supremely rejuvenating as well as refreshing, this high end treatment works to correct, protect and address signs of ageing such as rough texture, dehydration, wrinkles and irregular pigmentation.

Advanced Hydrating Foot Treatment£5060 mins

A wonderful exfoliating 'medi-ped' that restores softness and smoothness to tired feet. Leaves the feet and legs hydrated, revitalised and nourished with multi-functional antioxidants that protect the skin and deliver powerful anti ageing benefits.

Superceutical age reversal foot treatment£6060 mins

Amazingly rejuvenating as well as refreshing. Restore your skin's appearance and texture while treating dehydration, wrinkles and irregular pigmentation and other signs of skin ageing.

Thanks very much for doing such a great job with my gel nails, I loved them! And all your advice on makeup and skin care greatly appreciated.

Love Chloe Bishopbriggs
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