IPL Hair Reduction

Treatment Price6 Sessions
Patch test £20 
Upper Lip £35£175
Chin £40£200
Upper Lip & Chin £70£350
Cheek area £40£200
Centre of Brow £25£125
Nose £30£150
Neck £55£275
Full face £120£600
Forehead & hairline £80£400
Breast £40£200
Underarms £49£245
Clavicle £50£250
½ arm £70£350
Full arm £110£550
½ legs £110£550
Full legs £200£1000
Bikini £80£400
Brazilian £95£475
Hollywood £120£600
Back or chest £200£1000
½ Back or chest £110£550
Fingers or toes £2.50 each 
Gents Beard £140£700
Outer Ear £40£200

Banish those rebellious hairs with our specialised IPL hair reduction system by Ellipse. Removing unwanted hairs has always been viewed as a tedious, time consuming repetative task. At Rebel Rouge we offer you the chance to be hair free using the very latest and best permant hair reduction system provided by all leading clinics world wide - IPL by Ellipse. This system targets the hair follicle, which is destroyed and rendered unable to produce a new hair. Make shaving and waxing a thing of the past, book in for your consultaion and patch test with our in house , highly trained Ellipse. Join our rebelution, fight for your right to have smooth skin, free from all unwanted hairs. Join us at Rebel Rouge and together we can win this war.

I have been coming to rebel rouge for years and was happy to find out that they had started to do IPL hair reduction. So far I have had 3 sessions of IPL hair reduction treatments and I am very happy with my results. There is a very substantial visual difference. It has made me more confident.

Sandeep is really friendly and makes you feel at ease straight away. She explained everything to me before and explained the aftercare involved.

The Ellipse IPL is a quick treatment that i would strongly recommend to anyone. I am looking forward to completing my underarm and bikini course and i am already saving for my legs.

M S Bearsden

I have suffered from PCOS for 3 years now. The most embarrassing side effect was the facial hair around the chin etc... I have only had three treatments so far and the results have been amazing. My confidence has grown and i feel completely different. I no longer want to hide from the world! Thank you for all your advice and your professional manner. I have had a fantastic experience at Rebel Rouge and will be recommending you to all my friends.

JKS Kilmarnock
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