Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen

Bowen Technique also known as Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive holistic treatment that, although gentle in application, can have profound and long lasting remedial effect.

Like all complementary therapies, Bowen sees, assesses and treats the person and their body as a whole balanced system, rather than a group of ailments or symptoms. By taking this approach, Bowen is an ideal choice for a whole range of bodily imbalances.

Bowen is suitable for all ages, from babies through to the elderly. Active people can benefit from Bowen as it can improve flexibility and helps speed up recovery post injury. Bowen also helps balance emotional, energetic and hormonal imbalances.

How does it work?

When function is compromised by physical injury, poor posture, emotional injury or constant stress, symptoms often follow. These can range from a “bad back”, stiffness, actual joint injury, headaches, asthma, irritable bowel, whiplash and many others.

Bowen Therapy focuses the brain to the area of a problem and allows an assessment of the tension in a specific muscle and surrounding tissue. It is a process of stimulation and response, re-balancing and re-aligning. The body can and does find re-alignment though precise soft tissue releases.

This immediate relaxation of problem area is often seen in clinic and can create great relief particularly due to all clients being assessed and their sessions tailored to their specific issue.

The Bowen session helps settle the nervous system so as mentioned many also experience balance in emotional issues, increased energy, and better sleep amongst other gains.

What is a Bowen treatment like?

When you arrive we will sit down for a consultation, we will discuss the nature of your problem and the history of your pain or malady. The type of questions I may ask entail the pattern of your pain or problem, how long it has been bothering you, how it has been challenging you in your day to day life and to gauge some idea of pain levels, what makes things better, and what aggravates the problem.

After this, I may assess range of movement to build a clear picture of the level of restriction and to help us both discern improvements post session. Next, the client will lie on a therapy bed. In circumstances where restriction of movement does not allow this, some work can be carried out with the client sitting. Treatment can be done through light clothing such as t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms (not jeans, tight or very thick clothing).

The treatment consists of a series of anatomically precise rolling moves, applied with light pressure, over muscle and connective tissue. In between each set of moves the client may be left resting for a short break. Touch is used in a different way from other hands-on therapies such as massage. In Bowen touch is “hands on - hands off”, with the effect very much focused around how the client responds to each individual stimulation. Follow-up sessions are optimally one week apart but a great deal can be achieved in a single session.

Sessions will last for approximately 45mins after 15min consultation.

Single Session £40

How many sessions?

This depends on the nature, severity and speed of response to treatment, but Bowen unlike some other modalities will help most problems in a relatively short period of time. Acute pain and injuries are often treated in 1-3 treatments and chronic pain 3-5. Saying that, these typical and shorter resolutions are more common than one may expect!

Treatments are generally one week apart until either the problem has resolved or has stabilised.

Many clients enjoy returning once per month, per three months or whenever they need to as maintenance. This is often the case with chronic conditions particularly those brought on by work stress or posture and these clients view Bowen as an effective MOT.

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